The Hartford Courant

Connecticut's Best 10 Theater Productions in 2014 "using everyday objects in its fast-paced storytelling — conjured a tale of two centuries of leaders facing insurmountable challenges, and made the show a theatrical adventure of its own."
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The Scotsman

The five performers work in impeccable harmony, bringing every moment of the story into perfect elegant, humorous and tremendously moving drama.
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The Boston Globe

In a play whose bare-bones reality opens into grand imaginings, the cast of four — which also includes Jason Bohon and Andrew Grusetskie — become dozens of characters. A few pieces of office furniture double as ice floes and ship’s decks.
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The New York Times 

… Greg Webster, Split Knuckle's artistic director, likens the process to that of a jazz band. "We're all creating and making stuff together," he said. We're all contributing to the piece"

A fantastic article in the New York Times.
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Featured in American Theater Magazine, May/June 2011

Excerpt: "One strategy is to bypass traditional presenters entirely. Split Knuckle gained the favor of a multinational business with its show Endurance. Based on the story of explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton, who kept 27 men alive for two years in the Antarctic, Endurance proved to be just the kind of artistic entertainment, complete with leadership themes, that resonated with Korn/Ferry International, a Los Angeles–based global executive recruiting firm."

Theater Jones Interview

An interview with Artistic Director Greg Webster
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James Bundy, Yale Rep's Artistic Director

“Just came home from seeing Split Knuckle Theatre’s Endurance at Long Wharf Theatre: this show is so much fun and so generous to the audience! It’s also deeply ambitious theatre. Wildly inventive, timely, with immediate local relevance and powerful universality. 90 gripping minutes of terrific storytelling, beautifully acted and directed ... Make the trip from Boston, Hartford, New York or any place in between. Or farther. You will be glad you did.”

This acting group takes this highly-serious subject and uses it (much the same way that Monty Python uses and/or abuses serious subjects) for everything from biting satire to wild, physical shenanigans. This highly kinetic spoof provides a good share of excellent singing by the trio as they delve into a variety of interesting, turn-of-the-century style harmonies, along with a plethora of attention-getting devices such as strobe lighting to replicate silent film movement.
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Edinburgh Guide

The production captivates…a very talented company…Split Knuckle's polished production is physical and atmospheric…brings us back to the roots of storytelling.
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These four amazing men create a dozen distinct characters, a dozen particular situations and locales out of thin air, including cracking pack ice, a ship at sea, a singing shower, a packed bus, comically terrifying garbage-can-clad powers-that-be, all impeccably executed.
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NY Theatre Guide

...Wowing audiences with humor, innovation, and high-energy performances! Thanks to the talents of the cast and creative team, audiences were treated to well-executed, modern slapstick comedic adventure.
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Curtain Up

Though the play’s humor, music and hopeful ending belies its more serious overtones, the audience is sent home after an enchanting evening in the theatre tricked by Split Knuckle into strong political and moral soul-searching.
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Berkshire on Stage

Endurance is far more subtle, filled with thousands of small details that jump out at you if you focus closely, or flow as naturally as water if you let the story flow over you...highly entertaining and yet helping to redefine theatre. Its source of creativity is the same tool box that actors have always used, the human imagination.
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Times Union succeeds as a highly-entertaining, occasionally thought-provoking program.
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DFW Theatre Critics Forums

Outstanding Touring Production: Endurance by Split Knuckle Theatre at The Eisemann Center for the Performing Arts.

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Dallas News

...Toomey, Greg Webster, Jason Bohon and Andrew Grusetskie thrill as they slip fluidly among characters and accents, transforming the simplest of props into ships, ice floes and fires.
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Hartford Courant 

“In two nights in a row, I witnessed a pair of terrific physically-charged productions in New Haven that blew the dust off conventional theater storytelling. First there was Elevator Repair Service's "Arguendo," as part of the International Festival of Arts & Ideas, that depicted a Supreme Court case that could have been imagined by Lewis Carroll on steroids. Now comes Split Knuckle, another alpha-theater show that pushes the same-old aside and demands a piece of the theatrical turf. It's a one-two punch that gives you hope for a vital theatrical future, and one in which younger audiences (say under 60) will especially respond to.”

The Daily Nutmeg

“What’s particularly special about this story is the way it’s told. Using a handful of basic props—a few wastebaskets, a couple of coat racks, some beaten-up office chairs and tables—Split Knuckle’s gang of four (Webster, Christopher Hirsh, Jason Bohon and Andrew Grusetskie) create vastly divergent and imaginative settings as they weave together Spivey’s and Shackleton’s parallel journeys.”
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Connecticut Arts Connection 

“A bold and exciting method of storytelling whisks us through leadership lessons learned and the triumph of the human spirit during adversity, regardless of the time, in Endurance at Long Wharf Theatre.”
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